Saka water is a natural, alkaline mineral water direct from a pure, remote and protected aquifer in Turkey. It is not tap water or processed spring water. It is soft, very easy to drink and a simple and rare delicacy. 

With a perfectly balanced pH level of 8.22, Saka Water can aid in maintaining a slightly alkaline blood level. With a pH below 7, this is an indication of above-normal acidity, and a pH above 7 indicates water that is mostly alkaline.

This superior alkaline cellular hydration power aids you and your body to naturally detoxify, replenish and rid acidic waste, leaving your body healthier and more balanced and is the foundation for optimum, vibrant health.

A pH imbalance can lead to a variety of health issues and problems. The average western diet contains an abundance of acid-forming white sugars, white flours, overly processed meats and dairy products. Even some bottled water brands are acidic - a fact not commonly known.

  • Saka Water is bottled at the source under ultra hygenic conditions and untouched from source to bottle - it is an pure as nature intended. 
  • It's unique balance of key minerals required by the body creates its superior taste. 
  • Saka's unique collapsable bottles are blown at the source for maximum hygiene. No additives or harmful chemicals are added. 
  • Saka has an incredibly high absorption rate in the body. 
  • Saka's purity of source, quality of water and natural mineral content is officially recognised by SGS Fresenius Institiute adhering to the Strict European Parliament directives. 
  • Saka is produced with respect to ISO 22000 Food Safety-HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and TSE regulations. 


  • Calcium                 29.8
  • Magnesium           3.9
  • Sodium                  5.6
  • Potassium              0.3
  • Silica                      17.2
  • Bicarbonate            110
  • Sulfate                    8.6
  • Chloride                  1.5
  • Nitrate                     2.4 

(Analysis Fresenius Institute)