Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryptomonadales® Chlorella Sorokiniana?

Cryptomonadales® (Chlorella Sorokiniana) is the latest strain of algae discovered and is a blue & green, thin soft cell wall, single-cell, fresh water algae with a unique array of nutrients. Each crypto cell is a self-sufficient organism with all of the plant’s life functions taking place inside the cell. The result is an unusually abundant concentration of important nutrients in the plant. Cryptomonadales® Sorokiniana provides you with important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; many of which may be lacking in your daily diet. It is over 60 percent protein, almost twice as much as soybeans and more than seven times as much as rice! What’s more, Cryptomonadales® contains all the essential amino and fatty acids and is one of the highest natural sources of Chlorophyll (green pigment) and Phycocyanin (blue pigment). Plus, Cryptomonadales® contains an abundant variety of micro nutrients not found in any other chlorella strain, including significant amounts of all three natural alpha, beta and gamma PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors).

Why is Cryptomonadales® superior to any other Chlorella product?

Cryptomonadales® – Chlorella Sorokiniana has the highest digestibility and absorption rate (95%) within 2 hours of eating.

Anyone who is familiar with chlorella knows that chlorella’s hard outer cell wall is the cause of its low digestibility rate. Until 2005, the best digestible chlorella on the market, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, provided a digestibility rate (after being processed to breakdown the cell wall) of 80% in about 5 hours after it was taken. However, the actual absorption rate (how much the body is absorbing its nutrients) is only 63%. The wonderful news is that Cryptomonadales® Sorokiniana has a soft outer cell wall therefore it does not require its cell wall to be broken down by processing. Cryptomonadales®’ digestibility rate is an amazing 95% in 1 to 2 hours after it is taken and the absorption rate is also over 90%!

Less processing means more nutrition. A higher digestibility rate in a shorter period of time means more of Cryptomonadales®’ nutrients are being absorbed into your body. In the first 2 hours after ingestion, Cryptomonadales® delivers up to 30% more nutrients than any other chlorella product in the world. Any nutritional food product is only as good as its ability to be used by the body. It’s not the amount of nutrients you consume but the amount your body actually utilises that makes the difference.

Cryptomonadales® contains both the highest Chlorophyll and Phycocyanin content.
Unique to this rare form of nutrient rich chlorella are its green and blue components. Cryptomonadales® is one of the highest natural sources of Chlorophyll and Phycocyanin. Chlorophyll is the green pigment which cleanses your blood and tissues. Phycocyanin is the blue pigment in Cryptomonadales®, which other chlorella species do not have. Phycocyanin is an excellent antioxidant and protects your liver and kidneys. Cryptomonadales® contains all the attributes of Spirulina and Chlorella combined, plus more.

Cryptomonadales®’s natural PPARs content.
Cryptomonadales® is the ONLY known single cell algae that has significant amounts of all three naturally occurring Alpha, Beta and Gamma PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors). Natural PPARs are considered the most important food molecules in the 21st century. Found within the cells of Cryptomonadales®, PPARs exhibit a wide spectrum of functions such as normalising your body’s metabolic processes (such as sugar, fats, etc.), maintaining homeostasis of your body’s chemistries and regulating a balanced immune system. Cryptomonadales® PPARs come in powder extract, capsules or liquid vials.

Cryptomonadales®’s C.G.F. content.
Cryptomonadales® contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is not a single substance but contains a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, sugars and peptides particularly concentrated in the nucleic acids of RNA and DNA. Foods rich with nucleic acids are known to have anti-aging properties. Cryptomonadales®’s CGF is a 100% pure nucleic acids extract. It has nothing else added. Cryptomonadales®’s CGF comes in powder (60 capsules). Cryptomonadales®’s CGF will powerfully enhance your positive effects if taken along with Cryptomonadales® tablets or powder.

Why should I take Cryptomonadales®?

In addition to other attributes, Cryptomonadales® is one of the highest natural sources of DNA and RNA. Taken regularly, Cryptomonadales® can help make you look and feel younger and healthier. Many nutritionists believe the quality of your body’s nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) deteriorate quickly due to external sources like pollution, unbalanced diets and lack of exercise. This then leads to premature aging and a less effective metabolism. To make matters worse, the production of your DNA and RNA is naturally reduced in your early twenties as your body reaches maturity. Cryptomonadales® is a perfect whole food, free of toxins and chemical additives, with the ability to actually remove toxins from your body and help support a healthy immune system.

What about Cryptomonadales® nutrients?

Cryptomonadales® has more than 20 different vitamins and minerals; it is over 60% high quality protein. Because of that, Cryptomonadales® is one of the highest natural sources of DNA and RNA. Taken regularly, Cryptomonadales® can help make you look and feel younger and healthier. Also abundant in Cryptomonadales™ are chlorophyll, phycocyanin, iron, iodine, zinc, germanium, and it is rich in lysine, which is often lacking in our high-wheat diets. Some of the other nutrients found in Cryptomonadales® have a full compliment of all of the essential amino and fatty acids, superoxide dismutase (antioxidant), various carotenoids, trace elements and more than 2,000 enzymes. Cryptomonadales® contains more vitamin B-12 than beef liver. Cryptomonadales® is an excellent plant source of vitamin B-12 that is often lacking in many vegetarian diets. Finally, Cryptomonadales® contains an abundant variety of micro nutrients not found in any other chlorella or algae strains, including significant amounts of all three NATURALLY occurring alpha, beta and gamma isoforms of PPARs Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors.

Can Cryptomonadales® replace my vitamin and mineral supplements?

Cryptomonadales® is not a synthetic vitamin supplement. It is a whole functional food supplement. There is a big difference between the two. The actions of the individual nutrients contained in a synthetic supplement are different if they are not combined as in nature’s harmonious relationships. If just one of the nutrients is isolated and used for its known effects on your body (as in synthetic vitamin & mineral supplements), it will not have the same tonic effect as it will as a whole food. This is known as a synergism – the combination has a different and more enhanced effect than the individual component’s effect would have. However, it does mean that a product made with a combination of several isolated vitamins and/or minerals is considered not as effective as a whole food supplement. Although a combination of several isolated vitamins and/or minerals may create some “synergism”, they are still isolated nutrients, not whole food. To get any real benefit they must be chelated or attached to a protein in the manufacturing process. Cryptomonadales® vitamins and minerals are all attached to amino acid proteins as in all natural foods.

Your body cannot digest, absorb and utilise the nutrients from these isolated nutritional supplements as well as from whole food supplements. It is our opinion that you would be wasting your money on synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements, because more than a half of what you would be taking would simply be flushed right out of your body. Worse, some of these isolated nutrients could accumulate in your body burdening your liver and kidneys. Your body simply has a hard time recognising nutrients in isolated vitamin/mineral supplements. Your body does recognise and utilise, to the fullest, the nutritional values from whole foods and whole functional food supplements. Unlike vitamin supplements, Cryptomonadales® is a complete whole food. The whole plant gives you the advantage of all the protoplasmic elements that aid in the growth and development of your cells. In fact, no other vitamin or mineral can ever replace the value of a whole food. The reason the Crypto tablets are so small is that they are the natural wholefood powder compressed without any binding agents to hold them together. In Japan, children take 1 tablet per year of age up to age 15 as a daily dose.

How does Cryptomonadales® compare with barley grass, wheat grass and alfalfa?

Many “green” foods are good sources of chlorophyll, but by comparison, Cryptomonadales® is the highest natural source of chlorophyll. The results of a laboratory test in Japan, shows that Cryptomonadales® has 5 times more milligrams of chlorophyll per serving than wheat grass, 12 times more than barley and nearly 50 times more than alfalfa. In fact, 2 to 3% of Cryptomonadales® is Chlorophyll, the highest level of any edible plant. Chlorophyll cleanses and builds up healthy blood and tissues. Plus Cryptomonadales® contains an abundant variety of micronutrients not found in any other grass, chlorella or algae strain, including significant amounts of all three natural alpha, beta and gamma PPARs Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors, plus the Chlorella Growth Factor.

Will Cryptomonadales® help me lose weight?

Cryptomonadales® is not a weight loss product, however, people who take Cryptomonadales®, when dieting, often experience a higher level of energy because Cryptomonadales® contains over 20 different vitamins and minerals plus it is also 60 percent protein and is a natural whole food. Cryptomonadales® also helps to satisfy your appetite by providing the energy that results from good nutrition. Many people who use Cryptomonadales® discover that they lose their desire for unnecessary snacks and do not even miss them.Cryptomonadales® can help restore the natural balance of your body so that a real and permanent change can be made in your overall health and weight. Cryptomonadales® has been scientifically proven to normalise your body’s metabolic processes such as sugars and lipids which stops your cravings.

What is the difference between Cryptomonadales® growth factor CGF extract and tablets?

Cryptomonadales® chlorella growth factor extract (CGF) is a concentrate that comes from the nucleus of the chlorella cell where the nucleic acids DNA and RNA are found. Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract is extracted nucleic material from Chlorella. The findings of Benjamin Frank, M.D. (in his research on the aging process) will help you to understand what CGF can do for you. Dr. Frank believed that the loss of energy and physical deterioration associated with aging are due to the increasing breakdown of your nucleic factors (DNA and RNA) that are necessary for healthy cell functioning. His recommendation consisted of a whole foods diet, specifically foods rich in nucleic acids. He believed that this kind of diet would encourage the rejuvenation of your body’s own DNA & RNA, enabling it to utilise nutrients more effectively, detoxify more efficiently, repair itself more accurately and produce more energy. Although he certainly made no claims of immortality, he did report that many of his patients (who followed his advice) looked and felt more youthful.

Keep in mind that the fast pace of modern life, high stress, poor diet, junk foods, drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, pollution and various negative lifestyle factors are common today. These factors hasten the breakdown of your DNA/RNA and the production of your body’s own human growth factors. This can contribute to compromised immune systems and an unnecessary vulnerability to disease. CGF extract helps to detoxify, helps to stimulate your immune system, helps to improve your bowel function, helps to enhance tissue repair and guard cellular integrity, thus helps to promote longevity without undesirable side effects. Since CGF extract does not contain any fat-soluble nutrients, such as Chlorophyll, it should be taken regularly with Cryptomonadales® tablets or powder. For those who are going through treaTMents of a major illness or injury, those who are recovering from illness or injury, those whose immune system is compromised, we recommend you take Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract along with Cryptomonadales® tablets or powder. Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract is 100% pure. It does not contain any other ingredients. Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract comes in convenient veggie capsule and liquid form.

Can I take Cryptomonadales® with prescriptions?

Yes. Cryptomonadales® is a whole food and as such will not normally interfere with the functioning of your medicines, either prescription or over-the-counter. However please consult you pharmacist and/or doctor concerning your use of prescription medicines.

How much and how often should I take Cryptomonadales®?

Because Cryptomonadales® is a whole food, you can enjoy large quantities without harmful effects. Cryptomonadales® can be taken once a day or several times a day, before meals or on an empty stomach. But it is always better to start with 3 to 5 tablets per day initially, because of unknown toxicity levels and then gradually increase the number. One teaspoon of chlorella powder is equivalent to 15 tablets. Cryptomonadales® powder can be mixed with juice or water to drink. Both tablets and powder come from the same source but are available in different forms for your convenience. Most people take 15 to 20 tablets or 1 teaspoon of powder per day to maintain good health. You may add 1/2 to 1 vial of liquid or 1 to 2 capsules of Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract a day for extra benefits. When combating illness or recovering from trauma, please consider taking 25 to 30 tablets or 2 teaspoons of powder per day plus 1 vial of liquid or 2 capsules of Cryptomonadales® growth factor extract. Once you reach the minimum dosage (15 tablets or one teaspoon a day), you may feel improvements right away, or depending on your body constitution and lifestyle factors, it may take up to 6 months until you start seeing good results. The longer Cryptomonadales® is taken the more benefits should be enjoyed. Please remember that good health is your responsibility.Taking Cryptomonadales® should be a part of your overall plan to improve and maintain your own good health.

What is the cost of Cryptomonadales®?

Very reasonable and less than the cost of a cup of your favourite gourmet coffee. A small price to pay for such long-term benefits. The savings are even greater if you join our loyalty program which rewards members with cheaper prices through referring friends and sharing the product.

We know that any product is only as good as its ability to be used by the body. It’s not the amount of nutrients you consume but the amount you utilise that makes the difference. Whole foods like Cryptomonadales® Sorokiniana ensure the highest level of digestibility and assimilation, over 90% in first hour, and 95% in the first two hours.


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