TechnoTan Spray Tans

What Is TechnoTan?

TechnoTan is a family owned and operated business that first started trading in 2001 in Perth, Western Australia. Developed as a safe UV free alternative to the dangerous and damaging effects of sun tanning, TechnoTan was one of the first Spray-Tan companies in Australia.

To cater for varying skin types, TechnoTan has developed a range of 16 spray tan solutions, each with a unique blend to deliver the perfect shade. Each tanning solution is created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. TechnoTan also have one of the largest ranges of pre-care, after-care, tan enhancement and retail accessories on the market.
As a proud Australian owned company, TechnoTan solutions and after care products are made in Australia to the highest standard and quality.


What Metabolic Health Clinic Offers?

Metabolic Health Clinic is a proud TechnoTan retail partner. Our expertise enables us to suggest you a suitable product based on your skin requirements, suitability and conditions. Having said that, we provide TechnoTan products related which are listed below.
You name it, we have it!!



  • Exfoliating Body Cream
  • Uses English Walnut Shell to gently polish away dead skin cells and unclog pores. Enhanced with Shea Butter, Jojoba, Macadamia and Avocado seed oils; this moisturising cream is gentle on skin, effective and nourishing.
    Ever had a problem of skin being ‘patchy’?
    We encourage you to exfoliate, the difference will be astonishing!

  • Tan Saver Body Wash
  • Safe alternative to soap when it comes to extending the life of a TechnoTan spray tan. This specifically designed body wash is completely free from sodium lauryl sulphate, an agent found in soaps that strips the skin of its natural oils and damages spray on tans. Tan Saver Body Wash cares for your skin and is lovingly enriched with Aloe Vera and the exotic papaya fruit extract. Available in Peach & Vanilla OR Coconut & Lime fragrances.

  • Tan Extender
  • Formulated to gradually develop a natural glowing tan, and to enhance and increase the longevity of an existing spray on tan. The 2-in-1 Tan Extender and Tan Builder is carefully crafted with the BioTan® Plus formula, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Vitamin E, and Green Tea extract that nourishes the skin whilst producing a natural bronzed glow.


TechnoTan Spray Tans
One Spray Tan$35
Pack of 3 Spray Tans$99
Pack of 6 Spray Tans$180
Pack of 12 Spray Tans$345


Your Spray On Tan, Tan Care Advice
  • Pre Tan Tips
  • • Using only soap and water, shave unwanted body hair, no later than 6 hours before tan.
    • If waxing, at least a day before tan, preferably 2 days.
    • Exfoliate about 8 hours before tan.
    • Wash yourself in warm water, and for a better result, remove make up.
    • If you have a dry skin, moisturise with a water-based moisturiser.
    • Do not apply any oils before or after tan.
    • Wear loose fitting clothing. We recommend the use of the My Tan dress.


  • After Tan Tips
  • • Keep the tan on for the recommended time, as stipulated on the bottle, and avoid contact with water during this time.
    • Allow the stipulated developing time to pass, before commencing training, or taking on activities that might cause you to perspire.
    • Stay hydrated and moisturize. TechnoTan recommends the use of the Full Body Moisturiser, and the BioTan Plus Body Butter for ideal results.
    • TechnoTan recommends the use of the Tan Dress and Tan Sleeper to avoid possible staining.
    • Avoid touching or scratching, as this may cause streaks. An after care brush might smooth out any streaks.
    • TechnoTan offers a range of soap, shampoo and conditioner, which is low in ph, and designed to conserve your tan. We advise against shampoos and soaps containing sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), as they may remove the tan.
    • Avoid shaving or waxing shortly after your tan.
    • To remove your tan, use a Sqiffy to exfoliate the entire body, and evenly clear the tan.


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