Jun 13 2018

What makes Cryptomonadales the Super Algae species?

Cryptomonadales is the only algae and one of the only three foods in the world that contain ALL three PPARs agonists isoforms (alpha, delta, gamma), which are the most important biochemical components for body homeostasis and considered to be the most important biochemistry discovery in the 21st century. All organs of our body e.g. brain, skin, liver, kidneys and skeletal muscles express PPARs and these organs must do this to remain all healthy. PPARs are nuclear receptor protein molecules which when activate on the cell wall, they trigger a reaction pathway which ends in the nucleus of the cell. These proteins required for glucose and lipid metabolism are then transcribed, leading to cell energy homeostasis.

Thus, PPARs alpha, delta, gamma regulate our body’s metabolic mechanism of blood glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol via adipose and liver cells. These isoforms can aid in the prevention of metabolic syndromes such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Currently the latest SYNTHETIC drugs/medications for diabetes and cholesterol are pharmaceutically created containing synthetic PPARs agonists which increase insulin sensitivity, trigger the insulin activity and decrease blood lipid levels (e.g. Pioglitazone & Rosiglitazone {Thiazolidinediones TZDS} – Avandia & Actos, and Fenofibrate – Lipidil). These drugs have been clinically proven, to work, HOWEVER, there are major side effects from these medications (e.g. oedema, rapid weight gain, liver failure and etc.).

Crptomonadales which has the same natural properties containing PPARs agonists will help people with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, cholesterol or metabolic syndrome (i.e. cholesterol, obesity, hypertension) without any negative side effects.

PPAR agonists as found in Cryptomonadales can also induce both cell differentiation and apoptosis in many types of human cancer. Other important health benefits of Cryptomonadales include anti-inflammation (e.g. psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) anti-viral and immunoregulation.


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