Jan 01 2019

Why should you perform Corneotherapy for Skin Repair?

Corneotherapy is one of the best anti aging treatments in Melbourneused to restore the skin back to its natural shine and suppleness. Mainly the treatment focuses on restoring the stratum corneum barrier that has been damaged due to various factors.

Your skin tends to become dull and damaged with time. You will see fine lines of wrinkles across your face, discolored or even dry that make your skin compromised. The essential fact to remember is that stratum corneum, multilamellar lipid structure, and acid mantle are the three main skin barriers that safeguard the epidermis to come in contact with any pathogen etc. To maintain these skin barrier defense systems, Corneotherapy treatment is performed so that the skin can again become very soft, rejuvenated and lively.

The process of Corneotherapy Treatment

The core Corneotherapy treatment process involves three main aspects that are described as the famous 3 R’s rule: Repair, Replenish, and Regenerate:

1.      Repair:  The basic layer of Stratum Corneum (main barrier of skin) is a bundle of living cells that can self-regulate and even interact with other epidermis layers. Using, the mechanism of Corneotherapy, any damage made to this layer is corrected using preventive interventions so that there is no harm to the skin.

2.      Replenish: In this process, nutrients are supplied to provide nourishment to the cell membranes so that the pathway to transfer waste products, oxygen, nutrients etc. can get fully functional.

3.      Regenerate: As soon as your skin barriers receive ample nutrients, it is time that the epidermal cells regenerate themselves. For that, the emphasis is given to the nutrition of fibroblast so that collagen (connective tissue) can be formed. Mainly Vitamin A and C are the major supplements for its growth.

Advantages & Effects of Corneotherapy

People opt for Corneotherapy for the obvious reasons, no skin layer removal and only preserving the skin using the right methodologies:

1.      Treats Causes and symptoms both: Rather than beginning with the treatment directly, Corneotherapy involves analysis of the causes that lead to this damage. By contacting the right anti-aging skin care specialist Melbourne, you will follow a suitable approach for restoring the skin.

2.      No Side effects: There are no side-effects of this treatment. This treatment involves no use of Steroids etc. and only a safe product range is done to enhance the skin.

3.      Prevents Premature Skin Ageing: On visiting the best anti-aging clinic in Melbourne, you will find this method effective to avoid the aging of the skin.

Therefore, Corneotherapy is responsible for maintaining the skin’s health, protecting it against the dirt and pathogen attacks and also, healing a plethora of skin problems. It’s just that you need to get Corneotherapy from a good dermatology clinic.

At Metabolic Health Clinic, all the therapists are well-trained and certified to undergo a different set of skin treatments from the last 50 years. Known for the best Anti-ageing treatments and cellulite treatments in Melbournethey have gained a reputed spot owing to their use of natural products, non-invasive procedures and focus on both your external and internal well-being. Their approach to restoring the vibrant skin and alleviating the wrinkles and pimples plays a significant role in making your life better.


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